Thursday, September 17, 2015

Empire Rose TPFF2015

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The evening started off with me getting my hair done at the L'Oréal Blow Wave Bar and I thought that it was an ingenious idea. It was great for someone like me, who is bad at doing my own hair and I do not have to worry about getting a hair appointment somewhere else before the show and having to rush to the show once I get my hair done. Once my hair was done, I headed to the VIP lounge where I managed to get a glass of wine before the show started.

While the last Empire Rose show I attended during the Perth Fashion Festival in 2013 was moody and theatrical, the Empire Rose show this year at the Telstra Perth fashion Festival was casual, edgy and even romantic. The SS15/16 collection was said to bring "grandeur, romance and old world opulence to the runway as the bourgeoisie are thrown into a utilitarian world in a mash up of high end glamour and uber cool street style" and it did so with a mix of brocades, chantilly, lace, sequins, drop­crotch, ties and button up shirts over delicate lace bralettes. Identical twins Rorie and Scarlett stole the show as they walked down the runway wearing white tulle skirts and red brocade jackets while carrying posies and playing bridesmaids in the finale to the Empire Rose Show at Fashion Paramount at the Perth Concert Hall. Ebony Walton, who was paired with her sister Phoebe Walton, got her share of attention as everybody's attention turned to the cream dress that she was wearing and several oohs and aahs could be heard from the audience as the four of them walked down the runway. When the show was over, everyone could not stop raving about the beautiful chantilly lace top, amazing cream dress and the delicate bralettes which also happened to be my favourites. Overall it was a beautiful show and it is clear why Empire Rose has been around for so long.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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Top - thrifted; Shorts - Kmart; Shoes - Steve Madden; Bag - Singapore
I was feeling kinda lazy the other day so I just threw on a monochrome outfit which I am quite fond
of doing when I'm lazy and it somehow turned out looking like I had just thrown on my pajamas.
 Which I kinda love. 
That's the lovely Jessie. She was kind enough to help me with the
photos after we met up for lunch and was done with uni that day. I am so in love with that Maurie and
 Eve skirt of hers. We are currently planning something which I am really excited about and I can't
 wait to see what we end up with!

Friday, October 4, 2013


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I never got around to posting these pictures because I was too lazy in August and September was
insanely hectic. If it weren't for these photos, I probably would not remember half the things during
 my trip to Melbourne two months ago because it all feels like a dream now. Looking at them makes 
me miss that place. I feel that the trip was too short for my liking as I did not really get the chance to 
explore and see what that place has to offer. Not getting much shopping done and missing out on
Chapel Street were the biggest disappointment while visiting Flinders Street and the Twelve Apostles
were probably the highlight of the trip.
It's funny how two city can be so different despite being in the same country. Melbourne is so vibrant
 with the amazing architecture, breathtaking graffiti on the walls, coffee shops in the alleyway and is
 constantly bustling with life while Perth is just so quiet in comparison. Even though I am not heading
 back anytime soon, I can't wait to visit that place again.