Friday, April 8, 2011

It seems like a world away

Chiffon top - vintage, bustier - mooloola, suede belt - marks and spencer, skater dress - korea, bracelet - thrifted, sportsgirl

It only started to get cold in Perth yesterday even though it's nearly mid autumn. I guess Perth's slow to catch up with the rest of Australia. I was quite pleased with the sudden drop in temperature, even though I usually hate cold weather, as it meant that I could start layering. I was getting tired of dressing for summer and have been yearning for cooler days. It also rained numerous times yesterday, much to my delight. It's been ages since it last rained in Perth and it usually last for what seems to be a few seconds which sucks because I love rain, especially heavy downpour. Thus, when it rained yesterday morning, I climbed right back into bed and was so glad that I have fridays off from school.

P.s. isnt that gold suede belt lovely? It was only $2 from the opshop!

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