Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dress - supre, khaki shirt - thrifted, chiffon shirt - thrifted, leather backpack - thrifted, Harlequin heels - ZU

I am almost certain that I am an autumn girl. It is by far my favourite season if I had to choose one. The weather is perfect for layering, the leaves are shades of red, yellow, orange and brown and all the hues in-between. The beauty of autumn is just breathtaking.

One of my latest addition to my humble shoe collection, which is slowly but steadily expanding: these killer Harlequin heels from ZU. The moment I laid eyes on them, I knew that they would be mine one day.
One month later, I went to the city with the intention of buying these pair of heels from Sportsgirl which carried an exact same design. However, I decided to step into ZU first to check if they still have stock, thinking that I would return if Sportsgirl ran out of stock. To my delight mid season sale had just started and I walked into the store just as the sales person was putting up the last sale signs. My heart pounded with excitement and I quickly scanned the shelves hoping that it was on sale and there it was, right there in the top corner, I spotted these bad boys. After trying on two pairs and checking the price, I happily bought them at a discount of 30% and am now a proud owner of Harlequin which comes with 4.5 inches-high heels.

I am in love.

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