Thursday, July 28, 2011

It starts with a J and ends with a L

1. I couldn't resist it. I just had to start off the post with the Jeffrey Campbell box. I'm such a tease aren't I?;) Haha.
2. Tried on a jacket at Salvos before deciding that we weren't meant to be.
3. Pancake with drizzled honey and strawberries which I made yesterday morning.
4. Beautiful sunset.
5. Beautiful lightings at Ikea. Couldn't stop staring at them so I took a picture instead. It lasts longer. Haha.
6. Chunky heeled platforms at Salvos which I fell in love with but couldn't take home cause it was a size too big:(
7. Moose shaped pasta at Ikea. So cute!
8. Fairy lightings hanging in an alley. Wonder where it leads to.
9. Strawberry yogurt with crushed oreo bits is soooo good. You should try it.
10. And lastly, Jeffrey Campbell's Glen zip. I hope you guys aren't disappointed! I know many expected it to be Lita's. But I guess I don't like it as much as most people. Don't get me wrong, I mean I like them, but I think I like seeing them on other people more than the thought of owning them. If that makes any sense?


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  1. great blog and nice shoes! xx

  2. love the pictures especially the lights in ikea!

    I love your blog!!

  3. Absolutely amazing photos, the Oreo's in strawberry yoghurt looks amazing too! x

  4. amazing! i love this :)


  5. ugh. now I want shoes AND comfort food in the form of pasta <3

    XO Sahra

  6. Beyond thrilled you left me a comment and turned me onto your wonderful blog. Your photographs are stunning.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  7. yum! I drooled a bit when looking at the pancake.. YUM! and the pasta looks so awesome.. I wanna eat that.

  8. Amazing photos and lovely shoes! I absolutely love grey colour in shoes, bags, clothes etc! :)

  9. i love this type of photos! now i'm glad that i have a blog like this, so i will be able to watch that pictures ;)
    want to se my blog?!

  10. Too bad the chunky heels where too big, they are fab!

  11. Love the first pic
    Looove the sunset pic!
    LOOOOOVE THE IKEA LIGHTS! SOOO BEAUTIFUL! LOL @ lasts longer, sooo true. :D
    omgod @ mooose shaped pasta's! MAAAN I LOOOOVE IKEA! THEY HAVE THE DOPEST SHIT THERE! :D ♥
    Loove the fairy lights ♥
    And I understand waht you mean about the Lita's. I loooove the Lita shoes, but I just can't picture myself wearing them,
    it just doesn't match me. :/ But, I would def. try them on just for FUUUN! :D lol
    Oh btw, love the Glen zip shoe, very cool. Man...gotta Love Jeffrey Campbell! :D

    Thank you for your comment on my Alexander Wang post.
    :( I'm in the same boat as you, lol. I'll never be able to afford his bags. :(