Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All topshop

Uni has started and I'm currently trying to get used to my new schedule while at the same top stay on top of everything else. So far, my week consists of 8am lectures and brisk walks in between classes from one lecture theatre to another.

I will be back tomorrow with the winner of the giveaway, so look out for my post! Meanwhile, help vote for me in this competition I took part in. All you gotta do is:

1)Like Solestruck's facebook page:

2)then go to this page:

3)Find the entry titled EVERYBODY LOVES JEFFREY CAMPBELL! and click vote underneath the picture

Competition ends 10th august and you can vote once every 24 hours. The most number of votes at the end of the competition wins and I will be very grateful if you can vote for me! I'll have another giveaway just for you guys if I win, so go vote now!:)


  1. I love your blog because it's so creative, I added you to my bookmarks ;D
    please look at mine, I'd use some good advice,
    especially from a person like you :D

  2. You're so creative!
    Love this collage!


  3. gah those boots are beautiful


  4. love this collage! I would like every single item :)
    nice blog! I like how you edit your photos!