Thursday, May 31, 2012



DC Romani Beanie; Jeanswest Cable Knit; Ksubi Bellatrix Sunglasses; Princess Highway Circle Skirt; Wandering Souls Dillon Heel Boot; Alexander Wang Kristen Clutch

I'm kind of sad that it's officially the last day of autumn because I love autumn so much and absolutely abhor winter. So I guess I decided to put together an autumn outfit. Would it be too much if I want everything here in my wardrobe? I don’t think so! Ok, maybe it is a little… But anyway, I really like those sunglasses by Ksubi and would probably get them if they didn’t cost so much and if sunglasses didn’t look so weird on me.
I’ve just been so busy these few days. My week has been filled with meetings after meetings as well as datelines after datelines I just can’t wait to get all my projects and exams over and done with. Will definitely be so relieved and start blogging more often once my break starts!


  1. That's a really cool bag ! :> I have similar sunglasses, they make me feel like I'm in the 70's.. I just need a wool hat with big flap ! Oh wait, I have it. :) But it's getting too warm around here (I hope.)

    Indie by heart

  2. those sunnies are too cute! i'm not looking forward to winter either, but i think it's warmer in perth than in sydney.

  3. Love everything, especially the sunglasses and the strappy purse.
    Now following you.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  4. comfy yet so chic, wanna wear it!

    I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, please join! :) xx Miss Beatrix (

  5. Love all of these! xx