Monday, November 19, 2012

Full Bloom

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 Knit Cardigan - Valley girl; Tank Top - Cotton On; Faux Leather Skirt - Supre; Shoes - Online
There is nothing quite like bougainvilleas in full bloom. I don't know what my future home will look
 like but I dream of having a whole wall of bougainvilleas at my home one day. They never fail to
 conjure up an image of Tuscan villas, with a spray of bougainvillaes overlooking the pool or
sea, in my mind.
Whenever I passed by this street on my way to uni I would always stop for a second or two to take in
 the stunning blaze of colour. Knowing that the bougainvillaes will probably not last for more than a
 couple of weeks, I knew I had to do a post with them and sure enough, they are starting to fade
and fall off now. I guess that's life, nothing's permanent except change.


  1. You a babe! Can't believe that cardi is valleygirl :O


  2. Such beautiful photos! And I really like your style, I love it how you can buy items from stores like cotton on etc and turn it into such a casual classy outfit :)

  3. where do you get that shoes omg !

    do you want to follow each other ? :) x