Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bloggers Morning Tea at Times Square Claremont

Last Saturday morning was spent at the Bloggers Morning Tea organised by the lovely Nikola from
Times Square Claremont where some of the other Perth bloggers and I had some yummy treats
(mmh, cupcakes) from Littlesweet Baking while we admired the stunning artworks in SIMA Art
Gallery. The rest of the morning was then spent visiting the stores around Times Square Claremont.

 photo aUntitled-1a_zps80f6eeb8.jpg

Scrumptious treats from Littlesweet Baking & gorgeous Lei of Lei Lady Lei with her equally
beautiful necklace
 photo DSC_0103_zpsb9a68160.jpg  photo DSC_0111_zpsa8dd63b2.jpg  photo DSC_0136b_zpse8be988d.jpg
 photo DSC_0153a_zps83aa8902.jpg  photo DSC_0157a_zps8c42018b.jpg
SANA Boutique
When I was staying in Claremont, I used to pass by this store all the time and I kept telling myself
that I would go in one day. But I never did, somehow. I've always just admired the clothing on the
mannequins in the window display from outside.
With labels like Lover, Bec & Bridge, Shakuhachi, Alice McCall, it was hard for me to step out
of the store once I've gone in. There were just too many gorgeous clothes for me to lust over in there.

 photo DSC_0181a_zps13a2ada5.jpg  photo DSC_0194a_zpse1a5d65d.jpg
Poppy Lissiman Addition
The next stop was Poppy Lissiman Addition. They also carry brands such as Emma Mulholland,
Henry Holland, Le Specs, etc. It's definitely a place to visit if you like prints and bright colours!
 photo DSC_0215a_zps95a80386.jpg  photo DSC_0218_zps2550b1e3.jpg
It was so hard for me to see my dream bags, the Givenchy Pandora above and PS11 below in the
 background, at Cultstatus and having to walk away from them. Seeing the Givenchy Pandora in real
 life made me realise how much I love it. Which is sad seeing as I probably would not be able to
 afford it being the broke uni student that I am.
 photo DSC_0221d_zps74e19685.jpg  photo DSC_0230a_zps30b968c1.jpg
One of my favourite pictures - Heidy of lovethymuse
 photo DSC_0232_zpse002a5d8.jpg
Nadine's perplex clutch which I've been wanting for ages!
 photo DSC_0234ac_zpsc27bdafc.jpg  photo DSC_0261c_zpsebda8f6a.jpg  photo DSC_0264a_zpsadffe34a.jpg  photo DSC_0280c_zps3092fe7f.jpg

I was lucky and got to attend the Ae'lkemi show at Perth Fashion Festival last year but the dresses were even more breathtaking up close. The dress on the mannequin was definitely one of my favourites if not my favourite. It's a pity I'm not getting married anytime soon. This was hands down my favourite store at Times Square Claremont. I could spend the whole day there.

 photo DSC_0308a_zps097589ac.jpg

Another store at Times Square Claremont with stunning dresses for all occasions from weddings to cocktail parties. I wish my closet was filled with pretty dresses like these.

 A huge thank you to the Nikola for organising this as well as showing us around.
 Check out Times Square Claremont on facebook or follow them on twitter. Or you could drop by the
 stores. You wouldn't be disappointed!


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, especially all those gowns.. And treats ^^ Amazing post!

    Indie by heart

  2. Looks like you spent a fantastic time!
    Great pictures!

  3. looks like so much fun, really loving the last images of all those silky dresses, they look sooooo soft I want to touch them!

  4. These photos are beautiful. Those gowns look incredible and the sweet treats - oh my! My mouth is watering.


  5. Love these shots! Can't get enough of the bags!x

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  6. How beautiful! Looks like so much fun. That picture of Heidi is GREAT!

    Kate from Clear the Way