Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pigeonhole Launch Party

 photo DSC_0069b_zps2e4d062c.jpg  photo DSC_0068a_zpsf6fa43ed.jpg  photo DSC_0062a_zpse657f314.jpg  photo DSC_0053b_zps27052e7c.jpg  photo DSC_0107b_zpsa015945b.jpg  photo DSC_0111d_zpse7d6bbd1.jpg
Jessie and I were at the Pigeonhole's Forrest Chase launch party last night where guests were treated
to a fashion show, wine and went home with gift bags. There was even a raffle with pretty awesome
 prizes like polaroids, sunnies, etc. I didn't win anything but Jessie was one
 of the lucky winners and went home with a few items from Finders Keepers.
They have some pretty cool stuff so check out the new store if you're in Perth. There are quite a few
items which made it onto my want list and I'm not so sure my bank account will be so happy if I end
 up buying them all.


  1. Oh wow, I love that black shirt dress! How pretty are the flower light-bulbs too? They are so being added those to my interior inspiration board! :)

  2. omg love your blog so much! you've got such a great style and it inspires me so much! I love how you match all the items in your outfits :) what do you think of following each other via gfc and bloglovin so that we can keep in touch? Let me know <3

  3. Love those upcycled bulbs and your shirt! <3 Nadine

  4. These are great photos!! The flowers in the light bulbs are so pretty! (: You look adorable.