Sunday, July 7, 2013


 photo DSC_0831-Copya_zpsda611f1a.jpg  photo DSC_0835_zps6e030bad.jpg
 photo DSC_0836_zpsa033d4e1.jpg  photo DSC_0837_zps393ca23f.jpg  photo DSC_0842a_zps74810b1a.jpg
Anorak - Valleygirl; Knit - Forever 21, Chunky Cut Out Boots - Sportsgirl; Bag - Singapore

I think this outfit is a combination of my favourite and overworn pieces. The jacket is actually a size
12 but it doesn't look ridiculously oversized, surprisingly. It was a bargain too at $20.
Anyways, it's good to be back, I've missed this space! I've been working heaps and every time
somebody asks me what I've been up to, my reply would be work. Just work. My social life is pretty
 much non-existent at the moment and I barely have the time to blog ever since I started working.
Being a student with various uni commitments and juggling two jobs while staying on your own is
not easy at all. Almost every time I get back from work, I tell myself that I'll take a quick nap before
blogging but I would end up falling asleep on the couch instead. Getting days off makes me happy
because it means I get time to catch up on sleep and time to do the housework.
Being a grown up is hard.
 I'm not complaining though. I love work and I can't remember when was the last time my bank
 account looked so healthy. I just wish that there wish that there were more hours in a day.


  1. Hey,
    great pics and an amazing outfit! :)

  2. gorgeous anorak! I'm sure you'll get everything sorted out :) Great post!

    Lillian from The Rustyhead

  3. This is such a good outfit, my anorak and black jeans have barely left my body lately. I love your boots!


  4. I love your coat, and your shoes are awesome!:) Xx

  5. Love how casual & easy this outfit is, the jacket is really great & such a steal at that price! I'm sure all your hard work will be worth it in the end :)

  6. You look seriously amazing!! Model much? I know what you mean about finding time to blog between work and uni :/ hope everything gets sorted out!

  7. without sounding creepy.... I am in love with your hair, blog & style! Never got a chance to meet you at the blogger catch-up, hopefully we will run into each other again soon :) xx

  8. I love when off-size things work. I love your hair...

    Kate from Clear the Way

  9. Love that bag :) x