Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby Pink

 photo DSC_0600_zps80902505.jpg  photo DSC_0598_zps692f99d7.jpg  photo Untitled-1a_zps529867c6.jpg  photo Untitled-1b_zps7a239669.jpg  photo DSC_0599_zpscc36a7e5.jpg  photo DSC_0596_zps5b616448.jpg
Top - Miss Selfridge; Silk Pants - Blessed Are The Meek; Bag - Valleygirl;  Mirror Heels - Rubi Shoes
Mucked around for a bit in the middle of Avion Way at Times Square Claremont after the opening of
 Jomay Cao's flagship store last night(or rather, on Tuesday night since it is 1am in the morning now).
Decided to dress down for the night with some mirror heels, geometric metal corner purse and this
new baby pink paisley top I got from Melbourne a month ago as well as the silk Blessed Are The
Meek pants.


  1. what a classic look!! i love a simple black and white outfit!


  2. what a lovely outfit, monochrome is always such a classic look.
    Natalie Anne Bourn-

  3. hihi, you're such a babe!
    love that last photo of you ;)

    jessie x
    the weekend project.