Thursday, August 8, 2013

Times Square Claremont Blogger Get-Together

The lovely Nikola from Times Square Claremont organised another blogger get-together two weeks
ago and we started off with coffee, macaroons and a whole lot of new faces at the Lemon Espresso
 cafe down Avion Way. I always love meeting other bloggers and getting to bond over the quirks and
 perks of being a blogger.
 photo CSC_0452d_zpsacc80ac5.jpg photo DSC_0065_zpsd877ed69.jpg
Cindy of Rose Gold Whimsy, Jessie of The Weekend Project and I
 photo CSC_0453_zps0741c7f4.jpg
After a bit of coffee and catching up, we head off for another tour of Times Square Claremont.
 photo DSC_0070_zps479c8858.jpg
 photo DSC_0089_zpsdb017f81.jpg
Jack Taylor with the amazing æ'lkemi leather jacket on
 photo DSC_0085_zps9197f552.jpg photo DSC_0082_zpsf6a4643a.jpg
Poppy Lissiman Addition
 photo DSC_0101_zps797882a4.jpg
The amazing mural wall and equally amazing hair colour on Poppy Lissiman herself. This photo does
 not do her hair any justice. I was trying so hard not to stare (because staring is rude, people) but it
 was just so gorgeous.
 photo DSC_0109_zps6931fd03.jpg photo DSC_0119_zps456f1a36.jpg
SANA Boutique
 photo DSC_0131_zps62805ac1.jpg  photo DSC_0124_zps2b9f1c5c.jpg
Just sighing and wishing I have those leather pieces in my wardrobe right now.
I just thought I should share some of the amazing goodies from my favourite stores at Times Square
Claremont. If you are ever in Claremont, you should definitely drop by these stores. Or even make a
trip down. It will be worth it.

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  1. You took such lovely photos! And those macarons are making me very hungry! Xxx