Friday, September 13, 2013

Perth Fashion Festival - Designer Capsule 1

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The latest collection from 4 different designers, Alister Yiap, Empire Rose, Megan Salmon and The
Butcher + The Crow were showcased last night at Perth Fashion Festival's Designer Capsule 1 with
 the stand outs being Alister Yiap and Empire Rose.
Alister Yiap, my favourite out of the four, won me over with the intricate and extremely delicate,
headgears, body harnesses and neck pieces while Empire Rose, the crowd favourite, wowed everyone
 with the impeccable styling, dramatic makeup, impressive hairdos and last but not least, the dog that 
opened the show. Yes, there was a dog on the runway. Everyone gasped at the sight before whipping 
out their phones and snapped a picture at every opportunity. Both were truly works of art.
More pictures from Perth Fashion Festival to come the next few days!

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  1. Wow, those gold details are beautiful!

    And that dog so cute! :)

    Away From The Blue