Sunday, September 15, 2013

Perth Fashion Festival - Designer Capsule 2

Wild Horses

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Betty Tran

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Steph Audino

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Bikini Atoll

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While I thoroughly enjoyed the first show, Designer Capsule 1, and there is no doubt that there were
 some pretty impressive pieces from some of the designers shown, I was more excited about the
collections at the second show simply because there were several pieces which I loved and would
want to own, namely from the Wild Horses collection.

With the metallic finishes, raw edges and leather details shown in the collection by Wild Horses, two
 words come to mind: edgy and modern. That was exactly what won me over with this
collection. Betty Tran's collection followed after and even thought this was the second time I've seen
 the collection, it felt like the first. I literally got goosebumps all over me as the models parade down
 the runway, bursting with energy. Steph Audino showcased a classic and feminine collection of
dresses that every girl would dream of owning. What stood out in this collection would be the flowers
 that adorn the dresses and I thought that they added a nice touch to the dresses. While I am not really
 a bikini person, I appreciate tastefully designed bikinis. Especially if it's metallic.

 I am sure by now you can establish that I am attracted to shiny things, just like a magpie.

Up next, a wrap up of Perth Fashion Festival!

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